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About me

I'm Cathy Smith - thank you for visiting my website!


I've been teaching music since 1994, starting in the UK where I was Head of Department at two secondary schools. My family and I moved to WA in 2009 and I am currently the Music Specialist at a lovely primary school. I have always enjoyed writing music and have in more recent years written a number of songs for concerts and events where it was harder to find suitable material for topics that I wanted to cover. I've created this website to share my compositions so please feel free to use them for your school events. I just ask that I be acknowledged as the composer.


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New Song Added - Be You


Inspired by the national mental health initiative of the same name, this song carries an important message. Video to follow!

Be You vocals
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It's Christmas
Written for our Christmas concert last year, this song gives a chance to reflect on the year gone by, our friendships, successes and hopes for the future.
Listen to and /or watch 'It's Christmas' with vocals.
It's Christmas - Cathy Smith
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It's Christmas Backing - Cathy Smith
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We Will Remember Them

Below is a video of my song 'We Will Remember Them' that I compiled using various ANZAC themed photos to illustrate the words. The video includes vocals so would be suitable to show as a way of introducing the song.

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