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We Will Remember Them


This song was written in 2015 for our ANZAC ceremony. My Year 5/6 class at the time helped create some of the lyrics via brainstorming words and ideas. I then put the lyrics together using some of the students' ideas and created the song around them.
























This song was written in 2014 for our ANZAC ceremony. I used the poem 'Sir' written by Damian (Dib) Morgan in1998 as my inspiration. I kept most of his words but wrote original music to accompany them.
















We Will Remember Them (Backing Track) - Cathy Smith
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Sir - Cathy Smith
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We Will Remember Them (with vocals) - Cathy Smith
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The above video that I compiled uses various ANZAC themed photos to illustrate the words. Vocals are also included so watching the video would be a suitable way of introducing the song.

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