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This page contains songs that I wrote to celebrate Coolbinia's 60th Anniversary, where our theme was sustainability. Our younger students sang pre-exisiting songs that linked with the Social Handprint and the songs below are ones that I wrote relating to various parts of the Ecological Footprint.




This song is all about different forms of energy!








If We Become TravelSmart

A song that explores different ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint by finding smarter ways to travel.









I wrote this song with four year 6 students in 2014 and it became a winning song in the Water Corporation's song competition. The version here is my original backing but you can also find an alternative arrangement by visiting the Water Corporation Website links here:









Don't Think In Silos

The purpose of this song is to spread the message that we shouldn't think of all the parts of the Handprint and Footprint as 'silos', in other words, just by themselves. Things work better when all the parts are put together. The longer than usual introduction to the song was played on boomwhackers by the students at the concert, colour coded to match the colours of each part of the Handprint and Footprint (I had to write the song in a specific key for this to work!)






If We Become TravelSmart - Cathy Smith
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Energy - Cathy Smith
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WaterWise - Cathy Smith
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Don't Think in Silos (with vocals) - Cathy Smith
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Don't Think in Silos (Backing Track) - Cathy Smith
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